Ana Maria Massarino

Ana María Massarino
Reiki Master
August 2013

THANK YOU, MY DEAR FRIEND, FOR ALL THE HELP YOU HAVE GIVEN ME...  On July 9th my sister departed and I couldn’t withstand the terrible, deep pain... You and I had always communicated on Skype and you offered me your help because I was having such a difficult time coming to terms with my loss. I was angry that she had left me and scared because I was on my own to care for my mother. I had lost patients because the sadness I was feeling wasn’t the best example of ACCEPTANCE. By our third session I had overcome the uneasy feelings inside and now I mourn differently. I have managed to attend a family gathering and I even joined in. I went to the salon and they did my makeup (which I hadn’t had done since I’d lost my sister); I participated and I felt GREAT. Now, I deal with pain in a whole different way; you helped me realize that life goes on. THANK YOU, ANDRÉS; your teacher became your patient.