Changing Behaviors to Improve Your Life

Changing Behaviors to Improve Your Life
by Andrés McAlister

If you want to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and improve sports performance among many other things, this article is for you. My goal is to help you understand your behavior and that of your coworkers to improve relationships and to become more productive as teams along with a long list of other benefits.

McAlister Coaching Group uses two techniques that when combined together help our clients produce tremendous results.

The Sedona Method helps the client release old beliefs, emotions and feelings, and Kappasinian Hypnosis and NLP, or Ericksonian Hypnosis, helps reduce the resistance in order for the person to move forward. Both techniques when combined allow our clients to focus on what they want to achieve in life. And all of these results can be attained with grace and ease.

Our techniques are used to eliminate and conquer habits that our clients no longer find useful, and this is all attained in a simple and elegant way. Using these techniques, I was able to stop smoking in two sessions over twenty years ago, and I've never again been tempted to smoke. After only two sessions, I was totally free from this habit. I was tired of being controlled by this habit and by the fact that I couldn't laugh without coughing nonstop.

The Sedona Method combined with hypnosis can also help improve human relationships. Although we do not do relationship counseling we can work individually with clients to help them reduce stress and understand themselves better. They learn how emotional and physical behavior is different both in how they receive information and how they behave.

McAlister Coaching also helps clients clarify thinking by letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve them. You eliminate the baggage that you carry around in the form of beliefs, emotions, and feelings using the Sedona Method combined with the peace that you feel when using hypnosis to reduce stress and resistance.

The coaching used by McAlister Coaching gets you out of the past and into the present moment. It does this by eliminating old behaviors so you are able to focus on what's at hand now both at work and in your personal life.

Others areas of coaching focus include professional coaching in the areas of leadership, training, communications, teamwork, management, etc. And, of course, personal coaching is always an aspect of all of the coaching that we do. For example, the benefits of McAlister Coaching include stress and anxiety reduction as well as releasing clients from old hurts and personally baggage. Today's world has an explosion of information overload that most people are ill-equipped to deal with and process successfully. The techniques we teach address all of these issues and even into areas such as personal relationships, finances, and sex.