Experiences I've Had With Clients

Experiences I've Had With Clients 
by Andrés McAlister

I became interested in coaching when I saw how easy and natural the Sedona Method was working for me. Not that I have all problems solved forever, I simply can coach clients to learn to use techniques that have worked for me. I thrive when I see clients get a certain technique or when they make a shift in their beliefs, or let go of old baggage. Any of these can hold you back from living in the present. That's what males me tick as a Coach.

Sometimes people are not ready to be coached. When this happens I slow my pace down and ask appropriate questions, some to myself, for example how can I help this person release? What questions do I need to ask? And to the clients I ask, what are you afraid will happen if you work with me? Or what are you avoiding?

If the client is ready, willing, and able much of the time is spent listening and then applying the appropriate technique. Techniques may include The Sedona Method or others from different approaches I have experienced and learned over the years. I am one of only 50 advanced Sedona Method certified coaches in the world, and only one of two certified coaches who also does it in Spanish.

No matter what the issue is, I can help the client learn the techniques they need. Eventually the client will master the techniques and be able to apply them without my assistance so they are not dependent on me.

Here are a couple of testimonials. One from a personal client and the other one from a business where I was a consultant for many years.

The Sedona Method has enabled me to manage my worries and anxieties in a simple, easy, healthy and immediate way. I can always carry these tools with me wherever I go; they fill me with serenity and provide peace of mind. This system has freed me from the constant worry of taking immediate and, above all, perfect decisions for both myself and my loved ones. My warmest regards, Andres, and thanks again; writing this down on paper has amazed me, too, about just how much I have accomplished over short periods of time and, more importantly, in an enjoyable way with a true friend!

Patricia Washington, DC

Andres exhibited a culture of appreciation, team work, and exceptional human relations. He understands the business culture, and makes things happen very quickly. Andres has a keen ability to shift course with ease ... works effectively with all levels ... is a natural multicultural professional ... is a leader of emotional development and behavioral change. It was fun working with Andres.

Andres James Senior Information Officer World Bank Washington, DC