How Coaching Has Changed My Life

How Coaching Has Changed My Life
by Andrés McAlister

I started my Coaching career by experiencing different methods of therapy to improve my life. Personal, group, and couples therapy. Every time I was in a relationship I ended up in therapy, till one day I went to a new and the brightest one. She said, you have had enough therapy, I recommend you take the Hoffman method which is the one I just finished this weekend. That made me feel like this was a new stage in my life although I might not have realized that right away. I did take the Hoffman course and learned a lot about myself. I did find it difficult to integrate Hoffman techniques into my daily life. I found it complex without a coach close to me and that was not available for me at the time.

So I learned and continued my search which turned more and more a journey to learn more about myself and less and less about what was going on around me. I realized that the more I understood and became aware about my internal world the more I was able to attract a different experience outside of myself.

During this period I also discovered programs in CDs, many of them from Wayne Dyer but also many many others. Till one day I received offers from the Sedona Method (SM) folks and I bought the book and the basic program. I immediately started applying the method and lost it in one of my house moves. I think I lost the program. A couple of years later I received another offer from the SM. And I never left it. I took the basic course and all other courses available at the time including coach level I and level Ii. Then they offered the year long Advanced Certification Course. And i took it. I was impressed at how his founder Lester Levenson was able to cure himself from a disease that doctors told him was terminal. He lived for 42 more years after being given two more weeks to live.

I was also recommended to the President if the American hypnosis training Academy to take their Neuro Linguistic Programming courses and was accepted. I took all the courses leading to the title of NLP Practitioner.

In all this process I learned a tremendous amount about myself and how coaching could help me and how I could help others move on with their lives and mover towards the life that is more in line to what each person wants while finding ways of removing resistance to change, eliminating old beliefs, emotions and feelings. In conjunction with this I started also training w Robert Stuberg with his "The 12 Life Secrets" program. I combined what learned with his program with the Sedona Method and made it a unique combination of the law if attraction while releasing first. Letting go of emotions , feelings and beliefs has helped me be present and to live in the present moment. That is what the Sedona Method has done for me. Robert's Program helped me and my clients attract the things and goals I want to achieve. I find it a great combination of tools. Of course, I use all my life experience and such things as NLP at the same time.

I believe I can help you in the same way all these experiences and training have helped me. You will quickly learn the techniques that will help you for the rest of your life.