Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Eating Habits/Sugar Cravings

Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Eating Habits/Sugar Cravings
by Andrés McAlister

I am going to tell you the story of a client of mine who was under a lot of stress and having sugar cravings.

In one session of Hypnosis combined with The Sedona Method, she was able to change her habit of sugar binging all day and instead substitute it for eating an apple and going for a walk when she felt the craving for sugar. Drinking a glass of water was also a suggestion that I gave her while under hypnosis. It’s called a post hypnotic suggestion.

The following week she reported that her cravings had stopped and her eating habits had changed from eating sugar to eating an apple. Refined sugar was replaced by complex carbohydrates found in the apple: a much better health choice.

Eating habits are only one issue we have worked on with this client. She was also a client I worked with using Skype from a remote location. This is not the ideal situation. It is better to be present with the client, but if that is not possible this works as well. 

Hypnotherapy also works over the phone. I had a client who was under a lot of stress and we were able to calm and relax him and suggest ways in which he could reduce daily stress by suggesting coping techniques. All while under a hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is a safe and fast way to change behaviors that the client wants using their language repeated to them while under the hypnotic state. Behaviors change with grace and ease.

Hypnosis has been the most effective way to remove emotional baggage that I have experienced as a client myself, and as a Hypnotherapist.

In my experience, I stopped smoking in only two hypnotherapy sessions and I did it without ever having the craving to smoke again. That was more than 20 years ago.

Hypnosis combined with The Sedona Method, which I practice as an advanced Certified Sedona Method Coach, is a great way to move forward in life, leaving all that no longer serves you behind. This removes all the emotional baggage and old beliefs and leaves them in the past. It leaves you free to live every present moment while planning for the future and moving towards your goals with grace and ease.