Patricia II

Patricia II
Washington, DC

I turned to Andrés, again, for help. This time it was not because of my general frame of mind, but due to something more concrete.

I started smoking again... I hated relapsing, especially losing the freedom and feeling of success that had come with controlling this vice.

Andrés gave me hope; he provided me with tools and did not pressure me to quit. Instead he asked me over and over whether I really wanted to quit smoking. For me, this question turned into a challenge... Did he have doubts about me? This reaffirmed my decision and each time he asked me I reexamined my answer, and this decision was becoming firmer each time he asked, and I was more and more committed and I wanted to quit.

Andrés used the hypnosis method, as well as additional recommendations on nutrition, hydration, and ways to gradually kick the habit. I already had a deadline in mind and Andrés accelerated the process to help me meet it. I quit smoking and I am proud and happy to have done it again! I’m still controlling the urge to smoke; it is not easy, sometimes that little voice that speaks to all of us is in cahoots with bad habits (no; let bygones... be bygones!). I have to silence that voice several times a week, but my decision is sturdy and I have no doubt that hypnosis was the best therapy I could have used. It's healthy, it helps you make decisions, and it fills you with wishes of wellbeing, improving your health, walking freely through life, and searching for better things... I keep resorting to the images we created during the hypnosis session, they are like paintings I can see in my mind and I go back to them all the time, because thanks to them I am filled with success, energy, and the desire to improve... My paintings are wonderful scenes of mystical places full of peace and clean air...

Thank you, Andrés, and good luck and much strength to all who wish to take care of themselves.

After a few months without smoking, I can add that I am still determined to keep up with this effort... The little voice occasionally comes back, but I am well aware that it will keep doing so and I have the images we created in hypnosis, which quickly help me visualize what I want for myself and how I want it... My image is free from vices and smoke and filled with light, air, nature, and peace...

The process is NOT easy, there are thousands of excuses to fall back on the instant gratification a cigarette provides, but I take my paintings with me wherever I go. It is also amazing, and I want to emphasize this, that of the four times I quit smoking, this time I have been the least anxious of all and I've gained far less weight than the other three times. I do not know why, but maybe talking about nutrition, health, and healthy lifestyles during hypnosis also helped in this process, and to me this has also been of great value!

Thank you, Andrés.