Shoval Aloni

Shoval Aloni
Sedona Method Coach

I have worked with Andrés for almost two months via Skype. I was at a low-energy point at that time and I wanted to be able to be more active. I had also started to design fashion jewelry and wanted to start selling it. My belief system told me that I couldn't do it and I couldn't have what I wanted.

We were working both with The Sedona Method for releasing old negative patterns and beliefs, and with the Hypnotherapy technique.

In a month I found myself spontaneously exercising more, meeting friends, and doing things I had wanted to do for a long time and hadn't had the energy for. I could do all that with no judgment and no resistance.

My good energy and new attitude started to attract people and I started to sell my jewelry. People stopped me in the middle of the street or while I was sitting in coffee houses, and just bought from me.

It's so beautiful to see it all just happen by itself with ease and fun. And Andrés is very attentive, supportive, and gentle in his approach.

Two months later, after our session: Right now it feels like I have my pure joy and happiness back again, when everything was nothing but an interesting and curious game, before I started to listen to others, before all the right-wrong, should-shouldn't. Before I started to think I should become something. OMG, home again. Thank you so much, my dear, dear friend.

During our last session I released a huge amount of energy. My throat was on fire as I released the heaviness that I have felt in my chest, shoulders, and neck for as long as I can remember.

Shoval Aloni, Israel
Sedona Method Coach
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