When Traveling... Turn Down the Aggressive Tone

When Traveling... Turn Down the Aggressive Tone
by Andrés McAlister

It’s important to adjust your approach when you travel to different countries and cultures. I’ve traveled around the world, which has given me experience in working and interacting with many different cultures.

I have traveled for work as well as for pleasure, and I have found a common denominator: It’s critical to slow down and adjust to your surroundings. As Americans, it’s easy to come across to others as too aggressive!

Many other cultures view Americans as overly aggressive, including in places I’ve traveled to, such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, and many parts of Europe.

In most countries I have had to control my perceived aggressiveness. My father used to tell me when I went home to Uruguay that I was too aggressive. This made me realize that I had to turn down the knob a few decibels or others would view me as rude.

I realized that the stress level I had learned to live with in the U.S., and the pace of my employer, was maddening to much of the rest of the world. Every time I traveled for work this became apparent, but not always at the beginning of my trips. So I had to remember my father’s words and adjust my tone and approach.

I believe this is a lesson for all of us to adjust our typical approach when dealing with others. We will live better lives and be more connected with each other if we are sensitive to what is going on around us. I have used this technique in my work here in the U.S. as well as overseas and it has always given me great results.

Try this technique for yourself and see if you don’t experience better results. It also works with family and friends if you tend to have an aggressive personality to start with. So give it a try.